Meditation is one of the paths to inner peace. Empowering, calming and very relaxing. The numerous heath benefits of meditation are now well documented. Many testify to it bringing many health improvements, improved sleeping patterns, clarity and spiritual insight and awareness



Reiki is a beautiful and natural technique drawing on the Universal Life Energy available to us. Reiki helps reduce stress, helps you to relax, aid’s the body in promoting healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Oneness Blessing

The Oneness Blessing can facilitate physical, emotional & spiritual healing & awaken us to the underlying unity of all and connect us to our true selves. It leads to a quietening of the mind and awakening of the heart.

Essential Oils

There are numerous benefits in the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils, used for centuries.
When inhaled, certain components of essential oils help release emotional trauma. They provide exquisite fragrances to balance mood, lift spirits, dispel negative emotions and create a coming environment.

Sound Healing

Sound healing involves the use of physical sound vibrations for therapeutic benefit. Sound can be used to open and expand constricted areas, or cleanse and release blockages. It can be used for deep relaxation and also inspiring motivation. Sound and emotions are deeply connected. In a typical sound healing session, you will be bathed in a sea of relaxing and soothing sound healing frequencies that will melt away stress and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.